How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz

Whether you’re just visiting Puerto Vallarta or you live here, chances are good that you’ve heard of “The Cross”, “the Mirador”, or it’s official name “La Mirador de la Cruz” (the lookout from the cross). It’s a relatively short hike, time and distance-wise, but it’s about 250 steps so it’s unfortunately not something that every-body can do.

If you’re wondering how to get to la Mirador de la Cruz, here are some quick and easy directions for you, beginning at restaurante Casa Kimberly.


Pass under the bridge so Casa Kimberly is on your right, heading toward that great big round tree over there.

Take a right at the tree. The street is Miramar. This guy might also be hanging a right at the same time. If so, you can just follow him.

Right on Mirador

Head north on Miramar for several (5ish) blocks.

Take a right on Corona.

Right on Corona

You’ll know if you’ve gone too far because Miramar drops right off into a severe downhill angle just after Corona.

The very next left is Calle Emilio Carranza, and just like the motorcycle guy, the guy in the blue is never not sitting on that corner. So if indeed he is there when you pass, take a left at that guy.

Left on Emilio Carranza

In front of you now is the only downhill action you’re going to be seeing for a while.

Up at odd intersection

Head straight for that yellow painted area, and then up the hill toward the black truck in the upper center of this photo. We’ll be going straight past it (or whatever’s parked there now).

Right at this house

Just past the black truck (or whatever’s parked there now) will be a wide intersection with “corrugated” cement and this big, beautiful house. Turn right here, and up you go my friend.

Up you go


Up I said

I said UP.

Here come the stairs

This guy ran the whole thing, with a weighted pack. This guy is crazy pants.

This thing does not work

This thing doesn’t work. Do not count on hitching a ride.

More stairs

Almost there!

View from the top

Made it. <3


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