Good morning.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you

Don’t go back to sleep!

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep!”


I’m pretty sure I’m a morning person. I naturally wake up very early and my mind starts going – the breezes start blowing – and it suddenly no longer makes sense to be laying there.

For me there is something absolutely magical about that hour or so before the sun rises. For whatever reason it’s always spoken to me… calmed me… chided me… questioned me… implored me.

It’s electric, that time.

It’s the potential energy of an entire day, winding up for release. It’s those last vestiges of darkness, and that sliver of a new day on the horizon. The new day pulls back on the bow, creating that tension, before releasing an arrow of light to pierce the darkness and bring about a new dawn.

If you listen closely, in that tension between light and dark, in those moments before the days personality begins to form, you can hear your heart. You can feel the happiness or the discontent. As your sleepy body stirs and the slower energy which is inside of you is coaxed into movement by the budding energy of the day around you, your heart will speak to you.

In those brief moments, your truth is revealed to you, every day. Whether you’re on the right path, whether you’re embarking on yet another day which will not meet its potential, whether you’ve tapped into that infinite wellspring of joy and life that we’re all told resides within us.

I’ve noticed when I use the early mornings to ask: does this feel right? What will make this day special for me? How will I contribute to the greater good, and how will I care for myself and my world today? The answers become clear, the changes that need to be made become no-brainers.

I think that in life we are not always afforded such luxuries of inquiry. We are forced to react, not to act. We don’t have the space or time to act from our heart. To ask for what we want, to say it out loud and take purposeful steps toward that. Instead, the alarm clock invades our sleep at 6am and off we go, to the job we had to get, to pay the bills to sustain the life we’re not so sure we want.

How many of us are reacting to a day we would not have signed up for, if we had a choice?

Do we even want to catch the things life is throwing at us?

Does this feel right?

The dawn of a new day offers all these questions up to you, and your heart quietly answers them, every day. The trick is to be there for it.

Good morning.


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