“Travaltruism” And The Art Of Making A Difference

The basic survival requirements for a human being are quite simple: food, water, air, and shelter.  Like all our basic needs, food is universal – everybody eats – but that’s where the similarities end. Most of us don’t give much thought to where our next meal will come from, while some others have no ideaContinue reading ““Travaltruism” And The Art Of Making A Difference”

Reciprocal Inhibition

I can still vividly remember a yoga class, years ago, where the teacher was talking about reciprocal inhibition: the concept of one muscle flexing so its opposite can extend. For example, if I am standing, and I want to lift my right leg straight out in front of me, my hip flexors (the fronts ofContinue reading “Reciprocal Inhibition”

The Essential List Of Best Foods & Dietary Supplements For Women Over 40

As we age, things start to… shift…  I’m not just referring to physical changes, although that definitely comes with the territory. I’m talking about pretty much everything. Hormones change, brains change, perspective changes, relationships too. It all shifts. It’s important to support our bodies in the aging process by giving them what they need toContinue reading “The Essential List Of Best Foods & Dietary Supplements For Women Over 40”

Hormone Imbalance: What To Look Out For, What It Means, And What To Do

Each of us is a special blend of flesh, bones, muscle, and organs, finished with one of a few blood types, and sprinkled with a variety of hormones, the levels of which are unique to us only, to add a final flourish… like a signature, a fingerprint.

The Immune System, Autoimmune Disease, And You

What is it like to be healthy? As with many things, we can more easily answer that question when we have experience on both ends of the spectrum. Once we have had a cold or two, we can “feel it coming”. We know the signs that our immune system is fighting something off. Our bodiesContinue reading “The Immune System, Autoimmune Disease, And You”

Melting Wax Meditation

Today I used my brain to intentionally calm my body and it was pretty cool.There is a meditation practice you can do where basically you just envision parts of your body as melting wax… thereby eliciting a calming reaction throughout your muscles. I had an appointment today for a pedicure and leg massage; I tryContinue reading “Melting Wax Meditation”

Square Breath: How To Do It, Plus A Quick 6-Minute Practice

“You are the magic thing that makes me breathe. I. NEVER. BREATHE. when I do it is in the wrong direction. After an hour or so with you I at least got a good 5 mins of deep clean breaths.” That was a chat message from a dear friend of mine, and a regular atContinue reading “Square Breath: How To Do It, Plus A Quick 6-Minute Practice”

How To Work Out, Eat Right & Love Yourself, At Any Age

As you’re probably already aware, our bodies change as we age. If you’re still in your 20s and relatively healthy, the concept of your body changing may be a little abstract for you right now – a distant thing. Whereas if you’re in your 40s like me, you are not just “probably” aware of theContinue reading “How To Work Out, Eat Right & Love Yourself, At Any Age”

Magnesium: it’s so important, but Are You getting enough?

Magnesium is one of the minerals humans need the most. Responsible for more than 300 important biological functions in the body, a lot of magnesium’s to-do list relates to muscle and nerve function. Other important functions include energy production and regulating heartbeat. But what happens when you aren’t getting enough? Magnesium And Agriculture Magnesium is aContinue reading “Magnesium: it’s so important, but Are You getting enough?”

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Legs Up The Wall Pose

Legs Up The Wall Pose: What Is It, And How Can It Help You? It’s a funny looking yoga pose, and it may not exactly be the kind of thing you can do on the fly, but that’s not what Legs Up The Wall, also known as Viparita Karani, is really about. So what isContinue reading “5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Legs Up The Wall Pose”

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