8 Ways Walking Works Wonders

In early 2020, you may have noticed that the entire world went off its axis. Words like “social distancing”, “self-quarantine”, and “novel coronavirus” became things we say now, and it’s probably going to be a long time before things ever return to some semblance of normal. Whatever that was. We need to constantly be vigilantContinue reading “8 Ways Walking Works Wonders”

Knee-Friendly Ways To Strengthen Your Glutes

I’m in my mid-forties, and so are my knees. And lately, I have really started to notice all of that information. I have been physically active, and a runner no less, for the better part of my life. So, I know I am lucky to have healthy knees. I am 100% sure that my longstandingContinue reading “Knee-Friendly Ways To Strengthen Your Glutes”

Get Strong Fast With These 5 Whole-Body Exercises

Do you hate burpees too? I’ll never forget my first ones. I was seeing a personal trainer for the first time… and the last time…  The burpees definitely had something to do with it being the last time.  He asked me if I knew what burpees were, and I asked if they were something likeContinue reading “Get Strong Fast With These 5 Whole-Body Exercises”

5 Moves To Help Fix Your Low Back

A sore low back is a pretty common complaint for a lot of people. The reasons for the soreness are as varied as the folks who are experiencing it, but the bottom line with any soreness at all, is that the whole surrounding area likely needs some TLC. Sometimes a sore back happens because aContinue reading “5 Moves To Help Fix Your Low Back”

“It’s coming”

I was talking with a friend the other day about the power of our thoughts… how easily we can (and do) knock ourselves off balance just by thinking of what might happen, or how badly things could go. On some level, we all understand that our thoughts become things… we think to ourselves that weContinue reading ““It’s coming””

Champagne is my spirit animal

Mornings in Vallarta are my favorite time. The air is fresh and the mood is calm as we get our coffee and wake our bodies up gently. It seems like it’s always the same cast of characters: the guy with the Chihuahua who does the funny windmill-ish exercises, the couple who is always walking together,Continue reading “Champagne is my spirit animal”

Yoga: Makes quick work of fallen leaves

This week I’m starting up with a new yoga client, and our focus for her is on a stronger core for better balance. A strong core becomes really necessary as we age, partly because we become more prone to falls so we need a strong core to support the occasional whoopsy-do. When I’m taking onContinue reading “Yoga: Makes quick work of fallen leaves”

How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz

Whether you’re just visiting Puerto Vallarta or you live here, chances are good that you’ve heard of “The Cross”, “the Mirador”, or it’s official name “La Mirador de la Cruz” (the lookout from the cross). It’s a relatively short hike, time and distance-wise, but it’s about 250 steps so it’s unfortunately not something that every-bodyContinue reading “How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz”

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