Receiving a heavy dose of vitamin D at my fave Sunday hangout, enjoying a glass of wine and reading Braving The Wilderness again. I like to re-read books, particularly self-helpy, philosophy-ish kinds of books. I’ve read some books 3 or 4 times. We are often drawn to these types of books in moments of difficultyContinue reading “Snapshot”

Champagne is my spirit animal

Mornings in Vallarta are my favorite time. The air is fresh and the mood is calm as we get our coffee and wake our bodies up gently. It seems like it’s always the same cast of characters: the guy with the Chihuahua who does the funny windmill-ish exercises, the couple who is always walking together,Continue reading “Champagne is my spirit animal”

A whale of a tale

I have a lot of wonderful memories of my time sailing the Pacific, and as the years progress I’ve noticed that some memories remain right at the top of my mental Filofax. The whales of Puerto Vallarta certainly make themselves known during the winter months; their majestic presence never ceases to inspire awe, and whenContinue reading “A whale of a tale”

The mold that touched my heart

Earlier today I bought a moldy sandwich and it pissed me off but then it made me really happy. I’ll elaborate. Four years ago as a newbie here in Vallarta, one of the things that struck me the most is the lack of rules. You can buy any drug you want, prescription or not, halfContinue reading “The mold that touched my heart”

How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz

Whether you’re just visiting Puerto Vallarta or you live here, chances are good that you’ve heard of “The Cross”, “the Mirador”, or it’s official name “La Mirador de la Cruz” (the lookout from the cross). It’s a relatively short hike, time and distance-wise, but it’s about 250 steps so it’s unfortunately not something that every-bodyContinue reading “How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz”

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