The Immune System, Autoimmune Disease, And You

What is it like to be healthy? As with many things, we can more easily answer that question when we have experience on both ends of the spectrum. Once we have had a cold or two, we can “feel it coming”. We know the signs that our immune system is fighting something off. Our bodiesContinue reading “The Immune System, Autoimmune Disease, And You”

Use The Force

The big problem with a shallow breath is that it doesn’t feed your brain the oxygen it needs to function properly. Shallow breathing is supposed to be reserved for “special occasions” if you will… the fight or flight response. Shallow breathing does not allow you to think clearly or make good decisions. But many people don’t breathe well. Due to stress from one thing or another, they are constantly in fight or flight mode.

When doctors don’t care

Original content posted on Quora here Have you ever walked out of a doctor’s office because the doctor was being disrespectful to you? About 11 years ago I was on holiday in Lake Shasta, CA on a houseboat. I had jumped off the boat into the water, and as I surfaced, a shock wave wentContinue reading “When doctors don’t care”

Champagne is my spirit animal

Mornings in Vallarta are my favorite time. The air is fresh and the mood is calm as we get our coffee and wake our bodies up gently. It seems like it’s always the same cast of characters: the guy with the Chihuahua who does the funny windmill-ish exercises, the couple who is always walking together,Continue reading “Champagne is my spirit animal”

Yoga: Makes quick work of fallen leaves

This week I’m starting up with a new yoga client, and our focus for her is on a stronger core for better balance. A strong core becomes really necessary as we age, partly because we become more prone to falls so we need a strong core to support the occasional whoopsy-do. When I’m taking onContinue reading “Yoga: Makes quick work of fallen leaves”

The why you do the things you do

The turning of a new year is always an interesting time. Where Christmas finds us packed firmly in the loving arms of family and friends, New Years Eve is the launching point from which we spring from the nest, alone, into a brave new year. A brave new year in which we will do greatContinue reading “The why you do the things you do”

Good morning.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you Don’t go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep!” -Rumi I’m pretty sure I’m a morning person. I naturally wake up very early and my mind starts going – the breezes start blowing – and it suddenlyContinue reading “Good morning.”

How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz

Whether you’re just visiting Puerto Vallarta or you live here, chances are good that you’ve heard of “The Cross”, “the Mirador”, or it’s official name “La Mirador de la Cruz” (the lookout from the cross). It’s a relatively short hike, time and distance-wise, but it’s about 250 steps so it’s unfortunately not something that every-bodyContinue reading “How to get to la Mirador de la Cruz”

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