Yoga & Pilates Videos

In need of some “you” time? Join Emily in The Changing Room for some all-levels yoga, stretching, and Pilates moves to help fix tight shoulders, low back pain, a weak core, and more. Help fix your body and your mind, in under an hour, anywhere you are. Just press play.

All levels, lots of flowing movements, some shoulder and back strengthening, hip openers, long savasana

Gentle stretching, hip and shoulder opening, light Pilates, long savasana

Pilates leg kick series, quad stretch, hip openers, cat/cow

Deep core muscle work to support a healthy spine- 49 min

All levels stretching and Pilates with a focus on shoulders and sides 59 min

Yoga and stretching, focus on hip and shoulder openers

Yoga and Pilates, hip openers, leg circles, forward folds, cow face pose, Diana Ross/lobster claw, arm stretches, seated twists, long savasana. 52min

Prop needed: Strap. All-levels stretching, hamstring and hip opening sequence with a strap, shoulder opener with strap, fluid hip movements to strengthen and stretch, downward facing puppy, sphinx, thread the needle. 44min

Yoga and stretching. Low back strengthening and stretching 53min

Yoga and Pilates with a focus on deep core muscle strengthening and stretching. 46min.

Yoga and stretching, lots of flowy side stretches, hip openers, low lunges, twists, shoulder strengthening. 46min.