And then I hit him with a bag of shit

Took Ruby for a walk this morning. And by the way… what an absolutely gorgeous morning this is… we have a lot of beautiful mornings in Vallarta, sometimes it’s hard to pick out a really great one. But this particular morning? It’s perfect. No contest.

So we’re just walking around enjoying the morning, the true mission of our walk already completed and safe in a plastic bag, a bag that over the last 3 years I’ve noticed I’ve gotten far too comfortable carrying. How does it become so normal for a person to just walk around carrying a bag of dog excrement? But here we are.

The garbage men were at the corner collecting trash, and I yelled that I have “una cosa mas” and he told me to just toss it up into the truck. So I did as instructed. And just as the bag is sailing up and into the truck, his coworker pops up and catches the bag. With his face.

“OMG OMG OMG PERDON! DISCULPEME! LO SIENTO! Jajajajajaja!” We were all laughing but I felt terrible! Here he is already inside a garbage truck, mucking about in garbage, and I throw a bag of actual shit right in his face. 🙁

As I’m walking away I hear one of the guys let out a long, satisfied sigh… the kind of noise you make when lying down for a rest after a long day of work… and say “aye, cuando una senora hermosa te golpea con una bolsa de mierda en la manana”.

(When a beautiful woman hits you with a bag of shit in the morning.)



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