Loved Ones are everywhere

When you’re traveling on a boat, you tend to “leap frog” with other boats. You see each other in an anchorage or marina somewhere, then somehow they get ahead of you, and 2 weeks later you sidle up next to them again somewhere 50 miles south of here and the process starts all over. ForContinue reading “Loved Ones are everywhere”


Receiving a heavy dose of vitamin D at my fave Sunday hangout, enjoying a glass of wine and reading Braving The Wilderness again. I like to re-read books, particularly self-helpy, philosophy-ish kinds of books. I’ve read some books 3 or 4 times. We are often drawn to these types of books in moments of difficultyContinue reading “Snapshot”

Practice Makes Progress

I moved abroad a few years ago.  A few years ago at this time I was still nesting in my friends place, trying to get my bearings. Realizing already that I was in way over my head, but also seeing ways I could be more “in” with the locals. “I gotta learn the language. FindContinue reading “Practice Makes Progress”

A whale of a tale

I have a lot of wonderful memories of my time sailing the Pacific, and as the years progress I’ve noticed that some memories remain right at the top of my mental Filofax. The whales of Puerto Vallarta certainly make themselves known during the winter months; their majestic presence never ceases to inspire awe, and whenContinue reading “A whale of a tale”

The mold that touched my heart

Earlier today I bought a moldy sandwich and it pissed me off but then it made me really happy. I’ll elaborate. Four years ago as a newbie here in Vallarta, one of the things that struck me the most is the lack of rules. You can buy any drug you want, prescription or not, halfContinue reading “The mold that touched my heart”

And then I hit him with a bag of shit

Took Ruby for a walk this morning. And by the way… what an absolutely gorgeous morning this is… we have a lot of beautiful mornings in Vallarta, sometimes it’s hard to pick out a really great one. But this particular morning? It’s perfect. No contest. So we’re just walking around enjoying the morning, the trueContinue reading “And then I hit him with a bag of shit”

What I love most about Vallarta

I arrived in Puerto Vallarta on January 2, 2015, with a backpack and my dog. My life was in need of a change, and Vallarta is the place I chose to make that change. It was time to make some lemonade from my lemons. I took this photo on the first day I lived here,Continue reading “What I love most about Vallarta”

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