The Score

Ahhhh, our morning coffee/bacon/walk. Meandering through the park on the way home, smelling stuff, Ruby spots a policeman she fancies. Off she goes and I’m freaking out as my dog bounds toward this guy… in the all-white uniform… visions of muddy paw prints on crotches being the least of my immediate worries. Ruby is not aggressive at all, in fact quite the opposite, but she seems to enjoy running and leaping and barking at new strangers lately. So that’s fun for everyone.

Anyway to my relief, he loves dogs, and she really seems to dig him too so they spar a little and high five and bond and it’s adorable. He mentions that it seems he’s her “boyfriend”, and I have to explain that she already has one of those, a morning one, who has ready access to bacon. He agreed that he cannot keep her in daily bacon, the lifestyle to which she is now accustomed, so he will have to be her other boyfriend.

So in summary:
My dog now has two lovely boyfriends… a chef and a cop.
Meanwhile my last date tried to shake me down for 3,000 pesos after knowing me for like 72 hours.

What the hell man.

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