Champagne is my spirit animal

Mornings in Vallarta are my favorite time. The air is fresh and the mood is calm as we get our coffee and wake our bodies up gently.

It seems like it’s always the same cast of characters: the guy with the Chihuahua who does the funny windmill-ish exercises, the couple who is always walking together, smiling, still in love. There’s one guy who walks up and down the Malecon as I run it, and we always seem to know when it’s the other’s last lap, when we’ve passed each other for the last time that morning, and send each other off with a “see you tomorrow!” as our paths diverge for the day.

But there is one lady I’ve been noticing the last couple of weeks. She is elderly and still beautiful. Statuesque, with a refinement about her posture that makes me wonder if she was a model or actress at one time. Always put together, even in casual clothes, usually basic black leggings and a t-shirt. She wears sandals, which change daily to match her outfit, and carries an “envelope” style clutch, which is always glamorous and a little formal for the rest of her outfit, but it always changes and always matches too.

Oh, and she jogs. She jogs, in her cute outfit and matching sandals and her clutch tucked tightly under her arm. She’s quite a sight to see, and I can’t help but smile every time.

Yesterday she was jogging along the Malecon with a large metallic gold clutch and wearing a black t-shirt with glittery gold writing that said “CHAMPAGNE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL”.

Full hair and makeup. Very large, very unnecessary gold jewelry.


I think I love that lady.


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