The 5 Best Stretches For Sore Necks

We all have that one trouble spot in our bodies. For some, like myself, it’s a “bad neck”. Something akin to the bad back, which you may be familiar with, the bad neck can be somewhat of a moving target in terms of the actual problem. It’s just sore a lot of the time. These neck stretches can help.

A sore neck can lead to headaches and other problems, not to mention they’re downright uncomfortable. If you find yourself in need of a little TLC, here are five different neck stretches to get some movement and range of motion back into that stiff and sore neck of yours.

The Five Best Neck Stretches

1. Simple Side/Side

Begin seated in whatever way is most comfortable. In the video, I am on my shins but you can be seated cross-legged or even in a chair. 

  1. Bring your right ear toward your right shoulder.
  2. Clasp your hands behind you and bring the back of your left hand to your right waist.
  3. Breathe deeply into the left side of your neck. Give it 5-10 long, slow breaths and repeat on the other side.

2. Fold & Push

This too can be done in any seated position that suits you.

  1. Interlace fingers in front of you and push your palms away. Concentrate on heels of hands pushing outward. It helps to imagine pushing right into a solid wall with the whole surface of the palms.
  2. Tuck chin toward chest.
  3. Suck the belly up, in, and back. Imagine someone behind you with a big candy cane, pulling you backward. Breathe deeply for as long as it feels good.

3.  Cat/Cow

Come to hands and knees, also known as “tabletop position”.

  1. Inhale: look up and send tailbone up.
  2. Exhale: round the spine, look at belly button, tuck tailbone.
  3. Flow up and down through the spine, making the movement smoother and smoother.

4. Simple twist

Sit in any way that is comfortable. Cross-legged works best in my body but this works on shins or in a chair.

  1. Keep hips stable while shoulders rotate to the right.
  2. Exhale and draw belly button toward the spine. Reach up through the crown of the head, and down through the tailbone.
  3. Try to twist the head, neck, and eyes all to the right. Hold for 10 deep breaths and repeat on the other side.

5. Chest Opener

Choose any seat that works for you

  1. Clasp your hands loosely behind you.
  2. Gently roll your shoulders up, back and down, drawing the shoulder blades together behind you. When you have a smooth glide through the shoulders, straighten the arms and send the knuckles straight down behind you. Just like you practiced with the heels and palms of the hands at the beginning, take care to reach the pinky knuckles straight down along with the others.
  3. Tailbone sends down, heart beams up. Take 10 long breaths.

Follow along with the video here:

Take A Moment To Breathe

Stretching your muscles is a great way to get some relief when your neck (or any part of you) is feeling stiff and sore. After you’re finished taking a few moments for yourself, pause and feel. Take note of the ways you feel better, and thank your body for the hard work it does on your behalf. Gratitude is a deep breath from within a contented soul. Cultivate as much of that goodness as you can.


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