How To Get What You Want In Life

Positioning yourself to make the best possible decisions

It’s a question that many of us consider over and over, sometimes multiple times in a day. One that I have personally devoted a lot of energy to over time, maybe you have too:

“How do I get what I want out of this situation?” 

“How do I get what I want out of life?”

I know the answer. The key to getting what you want is in reducing your propensity to make dumb decisions.

And thank you for coming to my TED Talk. =)

I get it. Duh. That’s Common Sense 101. But if you think about it, isn’t it incredible how often we do things, big and small, that have a cumulative effect on our mental and physical well-being… and thus our ability to make wiser choices throughout life?

The key is in making smarter decisions, of course, but it’s more than that. In order to do that, we must strategically, consciously position ourselves to make the best possible decisions in life. This means we need to make a habit of caring for ourselves very personally and purposefully.

It’s crucial to ensure that we’re as prepared as we can be at the time a decision must be made. 

Being as prepared as we can be, to meet life fully at any time, means we’re physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially capable of honestly and clearly assessing all our options and choosing the best one for us, NOT the one that we must choose because we’re unprepared, backed into a corner, and therefore presented with fewer options, as happens so often in life.

All we can do is the best we can do - David Axelrod

Am I doing my best?

There is a lot we can personally do to put us in the best position for success each day, and to make better decisions in life. These things are largely well within our control, like:

  • Eating a well-balanced diet that nourishes our body properly.
  • Exercising our body regularly with a well-balanced program that suits us individually. 
  • Stimulating our brain regularly through new experiences, travel, fun activities, meditation, etc.
  • Resting sufficiently for our body to repair itself and sleeping sufficiently for our brain to do the same.
  • Nurturing healthy relationships, personal and professional.

When all these things come together, they work in concert, holistically, to create the strongest, smartest, most well-rounded “you” possible. 

And that’s definitely the you that you want making your decisions for you, you know? 

But how often do we really do these things? Where are these things built into your personal schedule? For me, certain things are bona fide habits that I have set purposely and take part in consciously every day. But I have work to do in other areas, and my guess is that anyone reading this does too.

How do you honor these things each day, in your own way? Where is your purposeful fun? How nutritious was the last meal you ate? When was the last time you took 10 minutes to just chill? How do you account for and attend to these things each day, so they grow into functional aspects of your personal life that build you into a superyou?

Take a few minutes, close your eyes, and image what your life would be like if you had it totally “together” in one of your own problem areas. How would the entire trajectory of your path in life change as this new habit became a years-long lifestyle? 

And what would happen if you never do get it together in that area? How would that inertia hinder your personal growth, inner strength, fortitude, and therefore your ability to more easily get what you want out of each day… and into the years ahead?

if you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading - lao tzu

Interestingly, none of the above list touches on working toward our goals and pursuits, or even knowing what those goals and pursuits mean to us personally… two things that one would assume would be high on the list of ways to get what you want in life. 

What these things do instead, is make clear the path toward your goals. A healthier, stronger, sharper, well-resourced you helps make your unique purpose more clear and the “why” of your pursuits very obvious. Not to mention that firing on all cylinders brings forth your best and strongest attributes, elbowing out your less desirable traits. It makes the “how” of your life a lot easier too, when you get out of your own way.

Life on “easy mode”

For example, we can all relate to the fact that none of us is at our best when we sleep poorly. Maybe we get headachy, or whiny, or we stress-eat, or maybe it’s all of the above. We all know how exhaustion manifests in our own lives, but how often are you really sleeping well? How exactly are you putting effort into getting a solid 8+ hours of restful sleep? If sleep is an issue for you, what can you do to fix that one little thing, and what kind of cascade effect do you think that would have on the rest of your life? 

  • Would you eat better in the morning because you can wake up earlier and make breakfast?
  • Could you make a regular appointment with a professional coach or personal mentor, because you feel ready for new challenges?
  • Might you be able to work harder and earn more money because you can stay focused more easily?

Imagine for a moment what that “you” feels like: strong, empowered, nourished, supported, connected, and free… beholden to no one… free to do what you do and be who you really are.

That’s a person who gets what they want in life, even when aspects of life don’t always go that person’s way. 

It’s such a simple place to start, and I think that’s so much of its charm: food, water, play, rest, and a few quality people to make your heart smile. The simplicity is empowering. Focus on these things with purpose, whatever that looks like for you, and watch your life begin to transform into everything you want and more.

Peace and love to you, wherever this message finds you.

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