3 Messages To Send Every Week

Improve friendships, connections, happiness, and even your career, with these 3 simple but meaningful messages.

These days, nearly everyone has an email address, and we use them for all kinds of things. We transact business, subscribe to news sources so we can stay in touch with current events, subscribe to newsletters to get the 10% discount on whatever we’re buying, and a whole lot more. 

Businesses use our information to stay top of mind (and top of inbox) when a need for their services arises, and it’s a highly effective tool for one important reason: the message doesn’t go away. It sits there unless the recipient deletes it. It’s always there in the person’s inbox, just waiting to be needed and rediscovered.

As a friend, colleague, and all-around decent human being, you can use this very same logic to support, assist, and acknowledge the people in your life who make it meaningful for you. When you send these 3 messages each week, whether by email, WhatsApp, or any other messaging platform, not only does the message itself have the potential to be a much-needed emotional boost in the moment, but it’ll remain parked in its exact location, where they can come back to it any time, for as long as it’s helpful.

Message #1: Thank You

Pick a person, any person in your life who has done something that you’re grateful for. Maybe it was 20 years ago, and that’s fine… if it meant something to you, and you still think of it now, that’s certainly worth reaching out for. 

Send a message to the new acquaintance you made at the party last week. Say thanks for the great conversation.

Send a message to your best friend that you just got off the phone with. Tell them thanks for being born.

It doesn’t have to always be a big tah-dah… the simpler the better. The more you can get in the habit of noticing all the ways the people in your life matter to you, the more gratitude you’ll feel, and that’s how you start really feeling great about a lot of things all the time.

Message #2: Boop

You know how someone randomly pops into your head one day, and you’re like “Oh, I wonder how they’re doing?!” That means it’s time to boop them.

Just like all my best inside jokes, the boop is inspired by an internet meme. In this one, you place your index finger on your dog’s nose, which is affectionately referred to as a “boop”. 

This is exactly like that except there is no need to touch your friend’s nose at all. Instead you let that finger do the walking right on over to your buddy’s IMs. Let them know they’re on your mind. You hope they’re doing well. Just a little shout out. Boop.

Message #3: You’re Welcome

“You’re welcome to have me look over your resume before you send it. I really want you to get this job, I know it means so much.”

“You’re welcome to borrow my car next week while I’m out of town, I know your schedule is packed these days and the bus is time-consuming.”

“You’re welcome to read my copy of ____________. It had such a huge impact on my life that I want to share it.”

“You’re welcome to stop by my place today, I’m baking a German chocolate cake and I know that’s your favorite.”

“You’re welcome to what you need, that I can share with you, to help you succeed in this life. I see you and I want to help.”

A Virtuous Cycle

Once you start sending these 3 messages each week, you may find yourself generally feeling more connected and in tune with your network. You might even send the 3 emails to more than 3 people each week, or find that there are several people you want to thank in a particular week. It’s just one more tool to help you feel good and do good, one foot in front of the other, toward a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.


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