Melting Wax Meditation

Today I used my brain to intentionally calm my body and it was pretty cool.
There is a meditation practice you can do where basically you just envision parts of your body as melting wax… thereby eliciting a calming reaction throughout your muscles.

I had an appointment today for a pedicure and leg massage; I try to do them as regularly as possible because the tension I hold in my muscles is no joke, to the point that over the last TWO YEARS I have never had an appointment that didn’t result in some kind of painful (and also embarrassing) muscle cramp… like the kind that makes toes go in unnatural directions.

Two years. But about a year ago I started getting into meditation, and I had long ago noticed that the muscle cramps definitely have a mental component that’s tough to explain.

Anyway today I decided to use that technique, and though it took all my baby meditating brain powers, I not only experienced no muscle cramps, but I had a different experience totally, because the meditative state took away the anxiety about the cramps.

Couldn’t do math afterward, but that’s a different thing.

Today I was able to see tangible results from my work, and I proved to myself that we are 100% programmable (ie we can take charge of our programming, for real) and that’s really neato.

I think it’s so neato, in fact, that I recorded the meditation I used today, for you. Honestly it’s not just neat though. It’s important work. Here’s to waxin’ and relaxin’.

Melting Wax Meditation – 10 minutes


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