On Loss.

In this town you get used to your friends dying.

Today I learned, just a little while ago, that this morning on the beach we lost someone I liked a whole lot.

I saw him last week, and that was going to be it for us I guess.

The thing is that because so many of us are acquainted with each other, we experience a lot of loss… just by virtue of the fact that we live together here in this little town.

We like a lot of people, and as a result we lose a lot of people we like.

We see someone last week, and that’s the last time we’ll see them.

And we don’t know that at the time.

But it’s not the first time, nor it is the last time.

I’m experiencing a lot of loss these days.

Much abundance too if I’m honest, but… I’m tired of letting my loves go.

Of course I’m so grateful to have known these loves I must let go of.

It’s not love if there’s no loss, right?

So I don’t know if it’s an unbelievably sad thing, or if it’s the greatest stroke of luck that a person could hope for, to have a chance at occupying a space adjacent to so many quality people.

That my cup is so full.

That I feel so empty right now.

I think it’s both lucky and sad, this life we get. These things we see.

It’s light and dark.

It’s just another day, really.


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