Think A New Thought

The power that our thoughts possess, is truly incredible. Have you ever noticed how easily you can (and sometimes do) knock yourself off balance at the mere thought of what might happen, or how badly things could go? On some level, we all understand that our thoughts become things… we think to ourselves that we want coffee, so we make a thing called coffee. The thought became a thing.

But just as clearly as we manifest that coffee, the thoughts we have, the way we talk to ourselves, and the things that go on in our head that no one can hear but us, they too become things. And others can perceive those things. If you tell yourself that you’re no good, you’ll never really feel good. In a very real way, others will sense this belief you hold about yourself.

Our Thoughts Become Our Vibe

Throughout life, people will treat you in accordance with what you tell yourself. If you don’t really believe anything good is on its way to you, then expect mediocrity to follow. No opportunity will impress you, ever.

We’ve got to be mindful of, vigilant about, and responsive to, our inner dialogue. It shapes our reality in so many ways.

A friend of mine is a waiter at one of my favorite restaurants. When someone places an order, he always says in his thick Spanish accent “it’s coming”. Antonio is a really positive person, and I just love the simplicity of this affirmation. 

It’s Coming

Now, when I catch myself thinking about how this thing isn’t going to work out, or that situation is never going to be any different, I change the thought to “it’s coming”. What I want and need in life is on its way, so I can just let it go. Dispense with the worry. That kind of thing really doesn’t look good on any of us anyway. 

“Practice, and all is coming.”

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


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