5 Ways To Savor The Moment

It’s so easy to get ahead of ourselves, isn’t it? Meetings all day, too much traffic, extracurricular activities for the kiddos, homework, and everything else has us go-go-going constantly. We’re over scheduled, pulled in too many directions, and this may come as no surprise to you at all but it’s not making us any happier. 

We all want to be happy. It’s not in anyone’s plan (well, most anyone’s plan… ;)) to be miserable. That’s why we always try for the promotion, buy the car we want, or have that second glass of wine. We’re always looking for ways to be happier in life, but it’s becoming apparent as more research is done in this area, that we go about it in the wrong ways. We think a better job, nicer car, or a little more wine will make us happy, and it does… in the short term. But ultimately we’re barking up the wrong tree. What we really need is more basic in many ways. For example, to just savor all the goodness we already have in our lives. Turns out if we look closely, there’s a lot of goodness. And when we recognize the goodness, we appreciate it. Here are 5 ways to savor life around you, starting right now.

Savor Your Food

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks… there is so much to enjoy where sustenance is concerned. Look at the colors on your plate. Take a moment to acknowledge the fuel that this food will provide to your body. Notice the qualities of the meal that are the most important to you. If you’re eating a salad, perhaps the freshness or the solid nutrition are the most striking about the plate in front of you. Maybe you’re eating a double-size slice of carrot cake because cream cheese frosting is life. Recognize that life before you, savor every morsel of it. 

Savor A Stroll

It doesn’t have to be a meal that you savor… anything in life is savorable. What about that walk you take after dinner? You could turn that into quite a feast for the senses. Smell the smells, feel the sun on your shoulders, the wind in your hair. How does the ground feel beneath your feet? Could you take your shoes off and squish your tootsies into some grass, or sand?

Savor Nothing At All

Do you feel like you’ve always got to be doing something? Either you’re working, or you’re cooking, or you’re cleaning, or you’re Netflixing… there’s always an “ing”. What happens if you do no-thing? Stare at a wall. Listen to the birds, the whir of your refrigerator, the sound of your breath. Feel the air pass between your toes. Unclench your jaw. Ask yourself what you’d like to do next. Listen closely for the answer.

Savor The Sunset

Is there any more perfect end to an afternoon than a gorgeous sunset? Never the same thing twice, when Mother Nature feels like putting on a show, it’s always impressive. Whether you live in a place that’s famous for the sunsets or it’s more of a special treat, the next time it’s time to call it a day, stop and look west. Notice the colors, the clouds, and how the light looks different at sunset than it does at other times of the day. Drink it all in, and look forward to another one soon.

Savor A Melody

Few things can change our perspective quicker than music. Whether it’s a favorite song from way back in the day, or the latest hip hop tune on your workout playlist, music has the power to transform our mood and transport us to a whole other place. So savor the heck out of it! Dance like no one’s watching, if that’s what your heart says. Put in some headphones and turn it up to 11. Knock back some liquid courage and hit the stage at karaoke. However you like to experience your music, don’t just listen to it… really get into it. Savor every note.  

No matter what we’re doing, when we can choose to savor the moment, it becomes a tool for gratitude and a mechanism of happiness. When we consciously get into the moment… really savor it with all of our senses… the gratitude we feel can’t help but grow. The more we can keep ourselves in the moment – savoring the moment – the more present we will remain. That’s where the real goodness lives, in what’s happening right now.

Try this: Consciously savor one thing every day, and make a note of it before you go to sleep each night. Just keep it on your phone, or a piece of paper by your bed. Nothing fancy, the easier the better. Do it for a week and see how things shift for you.


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