Mostly Sonny

I’ve always felt that it’s good for me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I truly believe that the best things happen when you’re just a little more open, not so set in routine; life is that much more unique and personal when you’re pushed a little off-kilter.

We have the most genuine experience when we’re right in the moment, really there, because it’s all so new.

For this reason, when opportunities arise that give me pause because I’m nervous or scared, I almost always end up going for it.

So when my friend Steve asked me if I would be the subject of one of his photo shoots, I said I’d love to! It is exactly the kind of thing that makes me a little nervous, but is definitely up my alley, so I was very excited to do it.

That day had me doing a lot of things I don’t ever do: spending hours in a makeup chair, scaling a rock to don a corset and 5-inch heels while trying not to fall off said rock, making little girls wide-eyed, whispering among themselves that yes, I certainly must be a “princesa”. What other answer could there be?

And I had definitely never met SonnyJoe Butts before Monday.

We were shooting on this chair in a hotel lobby when Sonny walked in and set his luggage down near me. He looked over at me, and then I moved, which startled him. He jumped back and declared that I had just scared the pants off him, he thought I was a mannequin!

Hurricane Sonny, a tall drink of water, very gregarious and very Texan, blew in to shake us up, spread some joy, and learn what we were up to. He mentioned that he was in town from Cabo, to buy a car or maybe not to buy a car. He was just going to see what happened. He was easy. You know, it’s either right or it’s not.

After chatting us up for a minute he said he felt like he should get in on this here fo-toe shoot. And I told him he’d better!

He gave me his business card. It is emblazoned with an American flag and reads: “SonnyJoe Butts. Assistant to the Assistant’s Assistant”, but I think he’s just being coy. I’m pretty sure SonnyJoe’s the boss.

Breaking out of your comfort zone is certainly a little scary, but it never fails to reward you with some true gems… memories to draw upon for the next many years.

I highly recommend giving yourself a good scare, just a little one, from time to time. You never know when Sonny’s going to show up.


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