The mold that touched my heart

Earlier today I bought a moldy sandwich and it pissed me off but then it made me really happy.

I’ll elaborate.

Four years ago as a newbie here in Vallarta, one of the things that struck me the most is the lack of rules. You can buy any drug you want, prescription or not, half the cheese is unpasteurized, and there are no handrails. To name a few things.

This put such an impression on me that I actually have a photo (from my first days in town) of unpasteurized cheese, prescription drugs, and a cocktail in a can that I bought from OXXO, atop 4 flights of stairs with nery a handrail between all of them.

I sent that photo to my ex boyfriend.

“This is why I moved here” the message read.

And it is, in essence, why I moved here. I can take care of my own self, thanks. I was getting a little tired of the nanny state.

  • My employment status should not dictate my health insurance status.
  • You don’t need to sanitize my food within an inch of its life.
  • If I fall down a flight of stairs because I was being dumb, maybe that’s my own fault and there’s no one to sue.
  • Birth control pills don’t cost $400 per month.

To name a few things.

I’m reminded of a show I saw on Netflix where the host was eating dinner at a table just inches away from a sheer drop into the ocean. There’s no handrail.

How many people have fallen, in the many years they have been open? None.

Why? Because you have to be careful when there’s no rail.

Yes, it quickly dawns on you and then the feeling overtakes you: someone left the gate open and you ran to all the way to Mexico and you’re now entrusted with your own health and well-being. The eggs are not refrigerated. That is not how nature meant them to be. The meds are not only for the insured… everyone should have the chance to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, with the method of their own choosing. Sometimes your sandwich is moldy, did you check it before you bought it?

Thanks for the reminder, annoying, disgusting sandwich. I love what you represent to me. Freedom. Responsibility. A life that’s really, truly my own.


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Published by Emily Murray

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