Stand Up, Darling.

As you probably know by now, I take my dog to the same cafe every day before our walk.

And as you probably also know by now, there are a fair number of Mexicans who are afraid of dogs for one reason or another.

There is a young woman who works at the coffee shop, and I can tell she is petrified of Ruby. But she sees the others pet her, or high five her, or shake hands with her, or give her treats, and over the last year she has slowly warmed up, but she is afraid. She keeps trying.

Last week the guys from the kitchen gave the lady a piece of bacon, and she brought it out, presumably for me to give to Ruby, but Ruby lunged right at her (the bacon). I stopped Ruby and actually the lady held her ground, which shocked me.

She trusted me to keep my dog back. She walked straight up to her fear and she stood there, knowing I wouldn’t let her get hurt.

Now seated and calm, I told Ruby “be verrrrrry gentle”, which means you move slowly and you barrrreely take that food from the human’s hand.

And the lady held the bacon for Ruby, and Ruby took it slowly, and the lady laughed and squealed the classic girl laugh/squeal like “Ahhhh!!hahahahaha!!” and then she just couldn’t stop smiling after that. I think I saw her float.

Bravery is so badass.

Published by Emily Murray

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