Square Breath: How To Do It, Plus A Quick 6-Minute Practice

“You are the magic thing that makes me breathe. I. NEVER. BREATHE. when I do it is in the wrong direction. After an hour or so with you I at least got a good 5 mins of deep clean breaths.” That was a chat message from a dear friend of mine, and a regular atContinue reading “Square Breath: How To Do It, Plus A Quick 6-Minute Practice”

Use The Force

The big problem with a shallow breath is that it doesn’t feed your brain the oxygen it needs to function properly. Shallow breathing is supposed to be reserved for “special occasions” if you will… the fight or flight response. Shallow breathing does not allow you to think clearly or make good decisions. But many people don’t breathe well. Due to stress from one thing or another, they are constantly in fight or flight mode.

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