Welcome To The Changing Room

Welcome to The Changing Room, a place for learning how to live better. From studying how our brains work, to working our bodies out, to feeding them well, and nourishing our souls too, the Changing Room connects you with others through our community on Facebook, and brings an ever-growing wealth of knowledge through the blog too, available any time and anywhere it’s needed. No time to read? Listen to The Changing Room podcast alongside whatever else you’re doing.

Join us annually on retreat in sunny Mexico, or online each and every week in The Yoga Room, or The Life-Changing Book Club.

The Changing Room offers a chance for some personal reflection, provides the tools to make positive change, and the community support necessary to help see you through. The Changing Room is self-care, anywhere.

If you’re looking for a change in life, to find a deeper purpose, ways to get physically (and mentally) stronger, more articulate in your exchanges with others, strong in your boundaries, purposeful with your time, you’ve found it. Thanks for being here.

The Changing Room:
A peaceful seaside retreat in Mexico

Reawaken your creative spirit through yoga, writing, meditation, energy healing, and coaching

April 14-18, 2022

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Step into the Changing Room online every Tuesday morning for a refreshing mix of yoga, Pilates, stretching, and friends.

Every Tuesday morning, 9:30am Mexico City Time

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