Receiving a heavy dose of vitamin D at my fave Sunday hangout, enjoying a glass of wine and reading Braving The Wilderness again. I like to re-read books, particularly self-helpy, philosophy-ish kinds of books. I’ve read some books 3 or 4 times. We are often drawn to these types of books in moments of difficultyContinue reading “Snapshot”

Mostly Sonny

I’ve always felt that it’s good for me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I truly believe that the best things happen when you’re just a little more open, not so set in routine; life is that much more unique and personal when you’re pushed a little off-kilter. We have the most genuine experience whenContinue reading “Mostly Sonny”

You’re already good enough

A couple of weeks ago I was craving the special beans from the tienda by my old place, so we made a trip to our old neighborhood. I noticed they also have the cheese I like, the pale yellow kind that melts the best and makes the best quesadillas. So I asked for the cheeseContinue reading “You’re already good enough”

Practice Makes Progress

I moved abroad a few years ago.  A few years ago at this time I was still nesting in my friends place, trying to get my bearings. Realizing already that I was in way over my head, but also seeing ways I could be more “in” with the locals. “I gotta learn the language. FindContinue reading “Practice Makes Progress”

A whale of a tale

I have a lot of wonderful memories of my time sailing the Pacific, and as the years progress I’ve noticed that some memories remain right at the top of my mental Filofax. The whales of Puerto Vallarta certainly make themselves known during the winter months; their majestic presence never ceases to inspire awe, and whenContinue reading “A whale of a tale”

Good morning.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you Don’t go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep!” -Rumi I’m pretty sure I’m a morning person. I naturally wake up very early and my mind starts going – the breezes start blowing – and it suddenlyContinue reading “Good morning.”

The “Do Nothing” Theory

When I moved to Mexico, something crazy happened: Nothing. Nothing happened the way I planned it. Nothing went according to schedule. No appointments came when they said they would. No friends showed up on time for anything. Once, I made an appointment for internet installation. The appointment was set for one week in the future,Continue reading “The “Do Nothing” Theory”

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