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The Changing Room offers a lot of ideas, advice, videos, tools, and information for free, and that’s by design. As I like to say, my ultimate hope for each of us is that we feel well… happy and healthy… and if we don’t feel well for some reason, that we have the courage to change it. 

Not the money to change it, the courage to.

In large part The Changing Room exists as a repository of my own learnings, tools and ideas. If you look closely, you can see my own self-care and self-love journey. There have been times in my life when I didn’t have any money – no safety net to speak of at all – and those were the times when I needed support the most. I see a bit of myself in stock clerks, bartenders, and baristas. I see people with the weight of the world on their shoulders… people who quite literally prop up the whole world, and I can’t help but notice a lack of support for them. Bare minimum health insurance, laughably low wages, and not a moment of peace in a long workday. Strictly scheduled breaks, no other downtime, whether that works for them today or not.

So, the majority of what’s here is free, and it always will be. It’s free for all the people I can’t see but I know exist, in every city and every nation, all over the globe. It’s for me, and you. Please take what you need. Please tell your friends to take what they need.

If this logic makes sense to you, and you are in a position to support the mission (as opposed to being supported), your donation is so appreciated. A contribution of just $4.99 per month is suggested, but you can donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate, and every little bit matters. Every donation makes The Changing Room that much stronger of a resource for the people who need it most.
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If, on the other hand, this is the first time you’re here… or you’re still checking things out… I encourage you to join the mailing list. You’ll gain instant access to the next tier: the password-protected Toolbox. Everything is still free, but only available to subscribers. Here you get meditations recorded by Yours Truly, plus my new book, The Manual, for free. 
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If you’re picking up what I’m laying down but prefer to keep things simple for now, you can just buy The Manual on Amazon here. You’re still supporting the mission, but not every month, and your privacy remains intact. Well, at least where The Changing Room is concerned. 🙂

Whatever way you choose to support the mission, just make sure it’s supporting you too. That’s what it’s really all about. Thanks for being here.

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