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Welcome! I’m Emily, and I made this place for us.

In my journal are stories of life in a foreign country, and some reflections on my own path of personal growth and change. I hope that my perspective can offer a helping hand in your own journey, a reminder you that you are never truly alone. 

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I am passionate about health and wellness, and find great joy in helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle. Self-care begets self-love, and that’s when I know our partnership has been successful: When you partner in wellness with yourself. I teach yoga and mat Pilates, and offer fitness coaching too (both online and in person). I’m your inspiration, your motivation, or your irritation. 🙂 Whatever it takes to help you be your best. Message me to set up a plan at emily@thechangingroom.blog.

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You can see some of my professional work as a freelance writer in the Writing Services menu. Want to work together? Get in touch with me here (emily.murray.copywriter@gmail.com). I write blogs, press releases, email sequences, website content, and even content for social media.