Battle of the wills

My doggo has a sense of smell that cannot be beat. I assume hers is top notch because of the time we spend around certain light poles… patterns she exhibits that let me know she has specific others on her pee-mail list, and she’s looking out for messages from them.

She is also looking out for messages from Tere.

Tere definitely has treats.

Tere is my gorgeous neighbor with an equally gorgeous heart. That girl always has treats. She feeds the stray cats in my neighborhood, and therefore has a bag of yum at pretty much any time.

And Ruby is aware of that bag.

She is also aware that this feeding is occurring at the same time every day. 

Or is she?

Ruby can actually smell Tere, and from a good distance. She can also smell Residual Tere… she knows where Tere works, and I am not kidding you, my dog will walk all the way to Tere’s work at 7:15am -every day- just to check if she’s there, and if she has treats.
Tere works in a retail clothing store.
Tere will not be there for literally hours.

I would tell you that my dog’s nose is a marvel of science but I suspect you’d laugh at me.

Nonetheless my dog’s nose is a marvel of science.

What she doesn’t seem to understand though… and this is where the fun happens… is axial tilt. 

It’s about to get really weird when Daylight Savings hits, but for now it’s just slowly drifting… sunrise… Ruby’s standard wake up time.

But I suspect that, like normal people, Tere uses an alarm clock.

We are becoming slowly, ever more divergent in our behaviors, Tere and we.

But Ruby doesn’t know that, mostly because she’s a dog.

I like to keep this info to myself. Things like this are handy. This bitch is smart.

How could I explain it to her anyway?

So morning after morning, where for a month or so we were constantly seeing her, getting treats, suddenly we aren’t. Tere just isn’t there. 

And I just shrug my shoulders like I don’t know. But I know. It’s because Tere is at home, asleep, like normal people.

The other day I noticed Ruby catching on… her nose is so good, and we spend so much time together, that I can not only tell what she is smelling but whom… just by the look on her face. She smelled Tere, and she was not wrong.

We had already gotten up for the day, and had our walk, and eaten breakfast, and as I was heading out for a run… which happens next… she wanted to go. This was unprecedented. Suspiciously so. She knew Tere was at the top of the stairs. And I knew she knew.

So I just said “Bye bubba!” like I always do, and walked out the door. And who should I see but Tere, just passing through. 

“Hola Tere! Buen dia!” I say.

But only after I close the door… so my dog, who already knows what is happening, does not hear my betrayal.

At least not directly. Plausible deniability is a thing in our household.


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Published by Emily Murray

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